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Resolve hostname in local AND internet dns


Imagine a dns-domain like microsoft.com. This domain has many entries (hosts etc...).

Now we need to resolve one host of this domain (i.e. download.microsoft.com) to a different (internal) address. To do this we could use the local hosts-file but thats not an option. so we've created the zone microsoft.dom in our local dns-server and added this particular host to it, pointing to an internal ip.

That work's, but then we cannot lookup any other host from microsoft.com, i.e. upload.microsoft.com.

Question: Is it possible using Windows DNS (W2k8 R2) to relocate one specific hostname in an existing dns-domain? So download.microsoft.com points to some internal ip and all other lookups are forwared to the internet-dns?

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I doubt you can do this from a DNS perspective, your server either has to be the authoritative source of the domain/subdomain or not.  

What you can do is redirect from a proxy perspective.  If you are running a firewall/proxy/web cache somewhere that internet traffic MUST route through, you could just create a redirect rule that looks for the URL/IP that you want and point it back inside.  

This of course would generate some additional load on your firewall/proxy/cache depending on how often the site gets hit, but it should accomplish what you want.
Yes, that's possible.
In DNS, create a new domain with the host name you want to resolve ("download.microsoft.com").
Then right-click the new domain, choose "New Host (A or AAAA)", leave the name field empty, and enter the internal IP address you want to resolve. This will end up in a "(same as parent folder)" entry that will resolve the domain (host) name.
janwrageAuthor Commented:
That works! Thank you very much.


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