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Incorrect or Random Hostnames Assigned to Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion on Active Directory Network 2K Using DelpoyStudio

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Last Modified: 2013-03-01
My environment is a Windows 2003 AD network where I run my router (Sonicwall) which supplies the DHCP and the W2K servers (2 X DC's)  supply the DNS for the AD network.  It's mostly a Windows environment currently but we are now migrating over to OS X Lion 10.7.4.  
The problem is once the iMacs/Macbook Airs are bound, imaged and deployed using DeployStudio, they are picking up Hostnames from my Windows workstations Hostnames already on the network (even though I manually assigned the iMac /Macbook Air names during the DeployStudio process.  So the Macs are showing up with already assigned Hostnames our network.
Strange thing is In Sharing Preferences and throughout the settings in OS X, the computer name IS correct and everywhere else I look the computer name is correct, HOWEVER, in terminal AND on the network it is showing the INCORRECT HOSTNAME
Again, these new Macs ARE bound to our Windows 2K3 network

Is there a solution...? Is this going to be an issue?  

Your immediate help, input and support is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Thank you!

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They are picking up the previously used hostname for the IP address in DNS.

I would suggest running DHCP on your Windows server and setting it to manage DNS records (allow secure updates).

Alternatively, you could enable unsecure updates on your DNS server, but this has security implications.
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I'll second ArneLovius's comment to get DHCP off the Sonicwall and run it from the DCs.


Hi Arne,
I just got this information from another source, it sounds similar to what you are saying as well.  Just wanted to get your feed back on what they are saying...

..."Dynamic DNS on the AD server is holding hostnames for random DHCP assigned IP addresses, and is picking up hostnames from devices and caching them in Dynamic DNS. When Mac's are assigned those IP addresses via the DHCP server they also pick up the hostname that is in DNS for that IP. All Mac's do this, and while it isn't technically breaking anything, it is very annoying and makes identification of the systems using client management tools challenging.
The mission is to turn off dynamic DNS in AD, and to manually enter all of the alias and srv records in DNS that the AD servers (and other microsoft servers where necessary) need to function properly.
We experimented with this last week by turning off dynamic dns, but this caused errors on the AD servers, which conveniently noted that the services were looking for cname and srv records that were not present, and gave examples of which records should be entered.

We need DNS, we like it, it's important.  :-)

Yes, that is is what I described..

Although you could use manual SRV records, you are making a rod for your own back, if you used the Microsoft DHCP server, you can can keep secure updates for DNS for the servers and have the DHCP server register host records.


I'm getting back some info from an Apple consultant that moving DHCP onto Windows Server will cause other issues with Mac OS X.

We are looking at associating the Mac's MAC address with an IP range that has never been assigned and "should" resolve this host issue.
Your "Apple consultant" may have got his wires crossed.

I've been using Microsoft DHCP with Mac clients since NT4 days, Binding of OS X client to AD was significantly improved with 2k8 domain controllers, but DHCP has worked just fine.


Hi Arne, still working on this issue... Sorry for the delay on this
So when you say using 2k8 domain controllers, what significantly improved on the OS X/Mac side of things specifically?