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Struts Requests

gudii9 asked
I was reading about struts as follows. I was not clear on these statements.

request sent from the browser do not contain any data, then no need
to write formbean, action class. We just have to define an action mapping in the
configuration file with information sufficient for the controller to take care of the

>>>How we send browser request without any data

 request does include data, then we must write an action class.
>>>How to send request with data without HTML form

If the data comes by submitting a HTML form, then we also need to write a formbean class.

>>> why we need formbean if data comes from HTML form

Otherwise, no form bean is required.
>>> What is this scenario

Any ideas, suggestions, sample code, links, source code highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Sr. Consultant
From where you read this thing. Can you please share it to understand the context?


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