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I recently prepared a slide show accompanied by music by using Microsoft movie maker.
I plan to make copies of the slide show and share it with friends and family.  If they do not have Microsoft movie maker installed on their computer will they be able to view the slide show?
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capreol did you save this movie?
 then it is a full video in the format of  WMV ( windows media video )  right?
which can be played in WMP/ VLC/ MPC and many more media players.
Are you referring windows Movie maker or windows live moviemaker?
Either way once you saved it as a movie it is just that a slideshow movie .wmv

WMM2/ how to make a movie
WLMM how to make a movie from your photos and video
You will simply need to ensure that you utilize the Save Movie option, rather than leaving it in the format of a Movie Maker project file.  Here is a similar question from the Microsoft Answers forums that provides the same solution:

Windows Live Movie Maker - How to change the file type of a completed project
capreolAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
No worries Capreol glad to have to helped.
Regards Merete
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