Multi-facet search using SQL Server Full Text Search in ASP.NET

I have a basic implementation of using multi-facet searching in a small application I created. Similar to the one this guy has:!-Created-My-Own-eBay-Style-Search-Using-Solrnet.aspx.

I am using SolrNet to create my search facet's. However, SolrNet uses Tomcat Apache as its backbone to do the indexing. Unfortunately, due to hosting restrictions, I cannot install Apache on my clients server.

Is there any .NET alternatives to carry out searching in a similar manner using just .NET and SQL Server?

I have been looking up SQL Server Full Text Indexing, but I don't know how I would use this for my situation.
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Friman001Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Edit:  Sorry, I do not think I am answering the questions right.  If I had to give a lead, I would say go after Stored Procedures in MS SQL, if that is what is being used.
Grab some parameters from the user and create a SQL query using a StringBuilder object.  Then, use SQL controls to get the data you want.  This is just one option.


Ryan F
R1ND3RAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. But is there a better approach then using a StringBuilder to build an SQL query?

Plus, how would you then determine and display how many records are left in another facet?
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