Iphone Gmail not responding

I use Google Apps for my email platform.  Yesterday my email account stopped working on my Iphone and Ipad. However my emails continue to work on desktop using Outlook with Pop settings.

The exact error message that I receive on the apple devices is: "The mail server imap.gmail.com is not responding. Verify that you have entered the correct account info in the mail settings"

Things that I have tried:

1. verified account information
2. Deleted and re-created email account on Iphone
3. Performed a Google Captcha unlock
4. Changed password

Thank you in advance for possible solutions.
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XaelianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah I know, I reread your first post and saw that you tried it on iPhone + iPad. Read my previous (long) post.

It's a problem that Google is trying to fix. A lot of others are experiencing this issue. For some it works, for other not. There is a temporary workaround also in my quote.
Can you open Gmail on your Desktop and find for undeliverable messages and delete them? This can fix the problem sometimes.
Make sue that under Settings in your iPhone the User Name in the email settings is your full email address, not just your name. For example, don't use steve, use steve@mac.com.
Hope this helps!
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delacruz84Author Commented:
Thank you for the suggestions. I only had a few undeliverable messages and I deleted them, but still no having the same problem.  The username is the email address.

Go to settings>mail,contacts,calendars,>"your account">"account xxxx@gmail.com">advanced

Make sure use SSL is ON then set authentication to password then set server port to 993.

This should fix the issue.
Can you do the following?

1. Close the mail app on your iphone
2. Go your Mail Settings on from Google’s web mail client (It’s under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab) and make sure IMAP is enabled. If it’s not, enable and save. If it is, disable, save, re-enable, and save again.
3. Relaunch you mail app.
delacruz84Author Commented:
Thank you for your suggestions

SSL is ON and the authentication is set to password. Also the server port is set to 993.

I disabled IMAP and saved it....Then enabled the IMAP and then saved settings. I still get the same error message.

On another note. I set up another Google apps email account on the same IPhone and it worked phone. So I'm thinking there is some setting with the specific email account that is not correct.
Do you have another phone? If yes, can you try to configure your gmail account on this one?
Hi apparantly this is an issue with gmail self.

It's already a hot topic on the google forums. For some it started working yesterday. But for most of them it's not working. Google is working on the issue.


Here is a quote from a Google employee yesterday:
Hi guys,

If you're still seeing the error that means we're still working on fixing your account. The only suggestions on this thread that will help you get to your messages are the temporary work arounds (web browser, download Gmail application, exchange, autoforwarding to another account where IMAP is working).

IMAP with your email client will not work until we fix your account. I know it's frustrating, but I don't want you to have to keep trying fixes like deleting and re-adding your account to your email client, when the fix is on our end.

So the only solution is to wait untill they fix it on their end. Probably when you get up one day, you'll see that your gmail functions on your iPhone.

Apparantly for some accounts the IMAP works, unfortunatly for your primary account it doesn't. Try the temporary workaround the google employee suggested.
delacruz84Author Commented:
I have an IPad that gives me the same error message with the same email account.
delacruz84Author Commented:
Thank you Xaelian. I created web Icons on my Ipad and Iphone desktop to my email account. This seems to be the best work around until Google comes out with a fix.
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