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How to connect Andriod Phone to PC

Sandesh555 asked
Hi Team,

I tried to search the net but was not able to get a solition on the below problem.  Here is what I want to do.  I want to set up a connection between my pc and my Andriod Phone.  To use it as a net connection for my pc and also to connect the memory cardof my Andriod Phone.
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To do tethering with your phone will depend on if your provider allows you to do so.  Tethering apps can be found in the play store.

When you connect your phone to your computer you should get 2 options either to charge or set it to disk drive.  In order to access the SD card from your computer you will need to set it to disk drive.

Who is your provider and what phone do you have?
The memory card connection is usually pretty straightforward. Connect a USB cable between your computer and phone and load the drivers (you may have to download them, though they may install automatically).  A prompt may come up on the phone asking if you want to allow the memory to be available to the PC.  If you allow it, you will see the phone as another drive letter on the PC.

The "use it as a net connection for my PC" is known as "tethering". Most cell providers require an additional fee for that.  Take a look on your phone at Settings, Wireless and Network, Tethering and portable hotspot to see what needs to be configured.
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So you want to use your phone as the internet for your pc? If so under Settings on your phone-->Wireless & Networks --> Mine says portable hotspot & tethering. You can configure it in there.


I am in India and the service provider is Airtel.


To be more specific.  Tbe service provider is from a state of India called Maharastra.
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If you do not want to pay for the tethering service (assuming your provider charges for it), you might look into using an app like PdaNet. You install the app on your phone, and you have to install an application on your PC. Once you are running both softwares, you should be able to use the internet on your PC. One caveat is that with the free version you can browse non-HTTPS sites; if you want to do HTTPS, then you will have to get the pay version of the app.
If your Andriod Phone has Bluetooth capabilities, you can purchase a Bluetooth interface device for your PC and communicate PC - Andriod Phone easily through though the device.

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