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Hi Experts,

I have a remote site that has a T1 for MPLS connectivity. They have about 15 users, but they use Exchange a lot because they used shared mailboxes. Using PSTs is not an option, so they store all their data in Exchange, which would be fine, but we've had instances where some of the shared mailboxes get corrupted, or we have a new user, or have to re-format their computer... whatever the case, they end up having to download several gigs of information on those shared mailboxes whenever we do that.

When that happens, that kills their T1 for a couple of days.

Here's my question. They have a good cable internet connection, so I would like to have these users use the internet for email and leave the T1 for their regular order entry work. I would like to see about the possibility of deploying Exchange 2007 over HTTPS for them, but please note that they are inside my network. I've tried to change the host file for my exchange server, but it just doesn't connect.

Has anybody done this before? Is there anything else I need to change?
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agonza07Author Commented:
Hi All,

I was able to get it working with these additions to the host file:

pointing to the external IP address of each.

Close outlook, run "ipconfig /flushdns" and restrart outlook.

Are you referring to Outlook Web Access (OWA)?  

Obtain a public SSL cert
Apply it to Exchange/IIS
Configure a public DNS name for the exchange server
Have them connect via HTTPS

It should work out of box
A thing you can do is to download the Headers only.  THis would reduce the amount of bandwidth used and the user would "Fetch" the full email from the server when they need it (Rather then fetch everything all the time).

In Outlook -> click the inbox -> Send Receive Settings -> Download Headers in this folder.
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agonza07Author Commented:
I'm sorry, I confused the old terminology of Exchange 2003 over RDP or something like that.

I meant Outlook Anywhere, which is the new term for 2007.

I want to be able to use Outlook Anywhere for a remote site to use the internet for that connection, even though those computers sit within my Active Directory internal network.
agonza07Author Commented:
Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback on using headers or OWA, but I really want Outlook Anywhere to work at this location.

I'm looking to find out what other settings I need to do to trick the computer to use the Internet link instead of the WAN.
agonza07Author Commented:
Found additional hosts that needed to be added to the host file. Solution posted.
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