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Stream music from iPad to AV reciever

I would like to ask the community if any one has any idea how to stream audio from my iPad to a reciever over a WiFi network. The key is FROM the iPad over a wireless TCP/IP connection. I need to control the music for a party that has no DJ. I will need to interface with the reciever via an RCA jack connected to some type of recieving device that will pick up the wirelss stream from the iPad.
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There are two options.

1. Buy Airport Express, Apple TV, or any other device that supports AirPlay.  A lot of modern A/V receivers, amplifiers, and media centers come with AirPlay support, so check yours if you have one.  You can than stream any music from any (most) iOS and OSX devices.

Following article shows how to redirect music from your iOS device once you have AirPlay client (i.e. "speaker") configured on your network: http://evolver.fm/2012/03/19/how-to-stream-any-music-player-app-to-airplay-enabled-speakers/

2. If you have music in iTunes on a Mac or PC, download Apple's "Remote" application onto your iPad.  You can than use your iPad to remotely control iTunes playback.

2nd solution has the added advantage that you can use the built in DJ function of iTunes, and open it up to anyone in your party to connect to your iTunes DJ from their iOS and submit music suggestions.  The iTunes DJ uses a 'voting' system to let people direct your music.


Just happen to have an older airport express in my backpack. tried it out and it works like a champ! Thanks for the heads up!
Awesome, glad to be of help.

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