Tomcat Multiple Server side certficates

Trying to do https download.  Would like to create a web service without a UI.  No soap or RET just simple https.  However, need to do it with an application already doing LDAP which requires CAs in the keystore in the tomcat .  In order to do the https securely, could use self-signed certificate.  In the keystore, can I have both CA's and a self-signed certificate?  Could the LDAP applicaton using https  and https web service work together on same tomcat server?  The LDAP application requires web browser certificate and proprietary CAs but the https application would require a self signed certifcate.  Using tomcat 5.5.  Could I just add the self-signed certificate to the java keystore already containing other server side certificates that LDAP uses and that tomcat looks for?
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Short answer.  Yes

Long Answer:  Each SSL cert has a trusted root CA and will follow the "Path" to the root CA.  As long as the root CA is available the cert is valid.  SSL certs work independently of each other and won't cross or mix or conflict (in most cases.  In what you're outlining above you'll be fine).
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