Share Desktop via LAN with 500 iPad Users

I've talking to a client about an event where they'd like to share their desktop with approx. 500 attendees.  The catch is they want to do this on a closed network and NOT via the internet.

So all the usual large web based providers are off the table.  I'm looking for something we can run on a local server on this closed LAN.

Anyone know of a software package that basically does the same type of thing as webex, gotomeeting, etc.?  I'm assuming there would need to be an app for the iPad as well, unless there was a way to just stream whatever's happening on the primary notebook to the iPads.

Client's probably going to be on a PC, but we can configure this on a Mac or PC as needed.

Anyone have any other suggestions on how to make this work?

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VNC is a solution that would work, but would not give you many of the 'shared meeting' features that go beyond screen sharing.

1. Install VNC Server on the machine with screen you want to share
(RealVNC or TightVNC are good options under Windows.
OSX's built-in screen sharing uses VNC protocol, but you'll need to 'enable' VNC connections in Screen Sharing preference pane to connect with standard VNC client)

2. Configure the desktop VNC Server to only accept "view-only" connections.  This will prevent viewers from being able to "control" the desktop.  You may also need to enable "simultaneous" connections.

3. Install one of the many VNC Clients available for iPad.  Many were reviewed by LifeHacker in their "The Best VNC Apps for Your iPad" article.

Most VNC Clients allow saving connection configurations - this would be an extra step to make the experience easier for participants.


Please let us know if you need any further assistance.
Pete-MPrincipalAuthor Commented:

I'm trying to get a system together where I can test your suggestion.

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