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Custom standard bullet point formatting in Outlook Professional 2010


I am trying to customize my Outlook Professional 2010 in such a way that I can use uniquely formatted bullet points on replies, without having to manually format them every time I want to use them.  In general I am would like to have standard bullet points which follow the system below.  

1.  I want the font of the bullet point to be Gotham Bold 11 pt., and the bullet point itself to be a lowercase "o"

2.  Indented bullets should decrease one pt. font size with every indent/tab, so one indent would result in 10 pt, two indents in 9 pt., etc.

Any easy way to set this up?  I've figured out how to customize one individual bullet point, however it does not save for future use and does not apply to sub-bullet points that are indented.
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In Outlook 2010:
start a new message
select the Format Text ribbon
in the Paragraph section of the ribbon, there are three 'list' button: bulleted, numbered, and Multilevel.  Click on the Multilevel List
from the pulldown that shows select Define New List Style

This will bring up a dialog that allows you to assign different format (including font and size) for each level.
Give your style a new name
Use the Apply formatting to: pulldown to individually select each level, define the format for it, than select next level.
To make Outlook remember this style, make sure to select New documents based on this template
When all is done click OK

Whenever you want to use this new style, you can select it by going to Format Text ribbon, and in the Multilevel List pulldown it will appear in the bottom List Styles section.  If you hover the mouse over the style its name will show.


Thanks for you help worked out great!