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Quickbooks 2012 Is Loading Slowly Over the Network

I have an issue where a client is using QB 2012 over a network and one of the workstations loads the database very slowly while the other workstation seems to load it just fine.

I've re-registered all the QB files that need registering via reboot.bat, I've rebooted both the workstation and the server to no avail.  

The file that I'm trying to load is roughly 126MB in size.  

What should I try next?
Azra Lyndsey
Azra Lyndsey
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Fred MarshallCommented:
Is this networked Quickbooks with a Quickbooks server computer assigned or are you simply trying to open company files from a single computer over the network.

It's hard to find or learn but: DO NOT run Quickbooks over a wireless connection.  It will fail in strange ways, at strange times and finding the problem will be very tough.  So, just don't do it.

To preempt folks who say they do it:

I had a site working using wireless just fine.  Then we updated QB to a newer version and suddenly we were getting reports that the files were either corrupted or unopenable ONLY if accessed via wireless (which was the only was we were doing it).  Eventually a 2nd tier support guy asked: "You aren't using wireless are you?  When I said YES, he said: well, gee, somebody should have checked with you right away about that. "  This was an expensive learning experience.
We wired the connection and the problem went away.

In another company they bought a new computer to speed up payroll.  The real problem was they were connecting that desk wirelessly.  We wired it and the speed problems went away.
Azra LyndseyNerdAuthor Commented:
Initially this laptop was running on the wireless, but I decided to plug in with a wire to see if I could improve performance.  So we did that, turning off the wireless connection.  

This did not fix our issue.

What I did find, after poking around, is that this laptop had been configured to be a server.  So I think it was pulling the file from the shared directory and then trying to host it.

I adjusted this - and now it seems to be running fine.  We'll see if this issue crops back up anytime soon.

Azra LyndseyNerdAuthor Commented:
My solution worked.

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