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Microsoft Office Tilde Files Remain After Closing - Locks for Editing

Server: Windows Server 2008
Clients: Windows 7 and Windowx XP mix

We have a number of companies and users on our file server, and have a problem with one company in particular (whom are joined to our domain) that has a site=to-site IPSec VPN tunnel with our location. It's very common, multiple times per day, that after an Office file (Excel comes to mind the most) is closed, the AutoRecover tilde file remains in a locked state; this prevents other users from opening the file. It does work to select "Notify" on the file, as after some time the tilde file is then closed and the user can open in read/write.

Any ideas on why this happens, or what can be done to avoid this from happening?
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I'm not much of a networking guy but check this out if it helps:


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More discussions here:

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Thanks, that's interesting but I don't think it applies as this is not a R2 server and happens with both XP and W7 clients at only this site. However, I'll apply the hotfix to a few of the W7 clients out there to see if this resolves the issue.

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