Vpn site to site tunnel

Hello gentlemen!

My customer has VPN connection from the main office (ASA 5505) to a remote site (Cisco 1811)
completing the tunnel.  Because of recent problems with the 1811, the customer is requesting
a replacement router\device if the current 18 11 fails again.  They would like keep this NEW
router\ device on site as a backup for now.  Their current requirements do not need VOIP,
wireless functions or DHCP...but may need them in the future.

We would prefer a replacement device that could basically use the same configs the current
router (1811) is using...beacuse none of us have ever configured a vpn tunnel before!

This would not be a problem if we could purchase another 1811... but they are phased out.
I am being told that the Cisco 1921 would be a suitable replacement.   I just need something  not  to difficult to upgrade to.

Cost for the new device is not an issue.

Thanks in advance!

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For VPN, you need the SEC model.
1921 should be a suitable replacement, and if you put the same version of the IOS on the new router you should just be able to replicate the 1811's configuration.  Even a newer version of the IOS should be backwards compatible with the VPN configuration.

Some things you can't just paste in, such as the passwords, and some things you will need to change, such as the access list 23 that limits remote access and the shutdown commands on the interfaces.
Check that you have the correct license, though.  You will need the crypto abilities, so you need the SEC (security) license.

RayneedssomehelpAuthor Commented:
Should I go for the Ciso 1921 Sec model or the one without it?


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