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Open Directory / Active Directory XServe Login Issues

cbielich asked
We are having a weird problem and so far I have been able to narrow down what is happening. Problem is I dont know how to fix it or why its happening. Here is our setup

I have a multi domain Windows/Mac enviroment. I run AD Server 2008 and an XServe Mac OS X 10.6.8 Build 10k549 Kernel Darwin 10.8.0

Open Directory is Bound with Active Directory

Until now I have always had accounts setup on the AD side and none on the Open Directory side. Users authenticate with AD and everything on that side works fine, even still right now. Both with macs and windows.

What we need to do now is have user accounts on the Open Directory side as well and have mac users log into that. We have macs setup with a fresh new image and the only bind that exists is the bind to the Open Directory Server. They have never been bound to the AD server at all.

The problem we are having is it seems when the users with macs only bound to the Open Directory cannot log into the server with the account that exists on the OD side. They do not have an account in AD only OD, but the computer seems to be looking in the AD side for the account, so the user cannot login. I seem to have tried everything and I cant get them to login to the server.


Mac users trying to log into mac with a OD account cannnot, but what seems to be happening is the computer is trying to authenticate with AD instead even though the computer is not bound to AD and that user account does not exist with AD.

Any help?
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Do you have a home folder specified in Workgroup Manager for each user. You must specify Home folders  or the user will not be able to log into a client.


Ok that worked but I see some issues with my home directories. I have a particular account selected and I noticed there is a share that I do not want to have in the list, but its there by default, greyed out so I can't delete it. How can I remove it?


Really, it doesn't matter if it shows in the list. Those are just options of where you can choose for users home folder location. If you don't need the share - unshare it or make sure it is not marked for home folder use - server admin>share points(click on the shared folder)>enable automount>Edit

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