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AmishTaxi asked
Hello Experts,

I am trying to use VBA in Excel to find out if the active worksheet is embeded in a browser or not.

On Excel 2003, I've tried ".parent.name" but it returns, "Microsoft Excel" and not the browser that it is opened up in.

Any ideas here?
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant
Does this do what you want:

(Note you may have to check if .parent has actually got a parent before trying to get the name.)


Hi AndyAinscow,

That was a good idea you had.  I also tried the following with no luck:


Basically, this is an Excel 2003 Macro running inside of Windows Internet Explorer which the end-users are accessing through Citrix.  The strange part here is that a lot of the Excel functionality is there but some sections of code that need to be flagged.

I am in the process of fully qualifing my Excel references which does help and I also would like to add this boolean function to throw a flag if Excel Is_Nested inside another application.

Thanks again for helping out!

I just wanted to give an update that the answer was to basically not test to see if it was nested and basically fully qualify the Excel Objects (Example: use "ThisWorkbook.Sheets [...]" instead of just "Sheets[...]")

Cool, thanks for your help!


I split this because I felt the first response was very helpful in leading to the right answer (clearly defining all references)

Thanks for your help!

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