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Cisco 1142 multiple VLAN's multiple networks

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Last Modified: 2016-11-23
I think I am having a bit of a mental block.  I have a Cisco 1142 WAP.  I need to create 2 VLAN (Corporate and Public), done.  Each VLAN will have its own Wireless Network. Done.

The trouble I seem to be having is determining how to make the Public (VLAN and Wireless) get addresses from a specific DHCP set and then having the Corporate (VLAN and Wireless) get addresses from a different DHCP set.

Setup is this.
Comcast Router -> Cisco ASA 5510 -> Dell Powerconnect 2824 switches -> Cisco 1142, etc.
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The Wireless AP (assuming no wireless lan controller here) should have multiple SSIDs (wireless networks) created. Each SSID should be tagged with a VLAN id. These VLAN ids should correspond with your core switch(es)

Each VLAN should have an ip helper-address set, which points to your DHCP server(s)

The DHCP server(s) should have a scope active with the correct subnet details. The gateway of the scope should be the vlan ip address.

Hope this helps.


Thanks I will give that a shot

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