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Outlook 2007 - merge contents of two distribution lists into one - NOT nested

tnorman asked
I have a user with two DLs in MS Outlook, both with about 25 email addresses in them. They would like to create a single list out of those two, but have the individual emails in the new list. i.e. the new list would have 50 emails in it, not the two entries of nested DLs.
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There may be a better way of doing it (racking my brains a little here, need coffee but too late!) but you could try this:

Make a new folder for contacts.
Drop the distribution lists into the new folder
Then go to file -> new ->distribution list
Under the address book drop down change it to the new folder you created in step one.
Select all the contacts by clicking on the first entry in the list hold shift while you click on the last one.
Then click on the members button. It will then add them to the list.

Just save the list and should be the full verbose as you need, not just the two dist lists clumped together.


Thanks, Arroryn,

I tried that previously, and on your 'Step 5', it just has the list names there, not the contents. I cannot see a way (doing it this way) to expand the contents of the mailing list to allow you to select the names.
Can you export both (the full detail) as CSV files then combine and import as a new list?


Thanks for your time on this. You would think that this would be a little easier to do...

Microsoft don't like to make things easy, do they ;)

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