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Breaking Date Field by 3 textfields for "filter by form"

I have a form in Access, where I do "Filter By Form".
No issues there...but I'm being asked to enhance it.

One of the fields is a date field.  To search a "Month", I put in

Between #1/1/2011# and #1/31/2011#

To get January 2011.

Can I split the date field textboxes up to 3 fields, and still keep control with a single date filed, while searching by the 3 fields?  This way, if I do a "Filter by Form" I can use a textbox or combo box on it?

Evan Cutler
Evan Cutler
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Perhaps a better idea would be to have a table of months, say tbl_months, with columns of txt_formal_name (i.e. January 2011), dt_start (i.e. 1/1/2011 12:00 AM), and dt_end (i.e. 1/31/2011 11:59:59 PM).

Then, create a combo box with the txt_formal_name column visible, and everything else.

Then, when the user selects a value, pass along the dt_start and dt_end columns in your 'Between' expression.
Evan CutlerAuthor Commented:
Another thought is to repeat the field three times, then just filter out the value partial I want for each one.

Can I do that?
Jeffrey CoachmanCommented:
You can create a query that pulls out the 3 date components.
Something like this:

SELECT YourTable.OrderID, YourTable.CustID, YourTable.OrderDate, YourTable.Price, DatePart("yyyy",[OrderDate]) AS OrderYear, DatePart("m",[OrderDate]) AS OrderMonth, DatePart("w",[OrderDate]) AS OrderDay
FROM YourTable;

Then create your form from that.
Then you can use Filter by form to filter on any combination on the 3 date component fields.
Evan CutlerAuthor Commented:
This is a good solution...I will work towards my goal with this solution.

My issue is that if I adjust the DatePart, the date field does not get updated....
but it's a good start. :)


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