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Exchange2003 VM and iphone active synch

pdsmicro asked
i have performed p2v on exchange2003.
OWA and emaila re working ok.
some reason the iphone does not get the email.
i made it sure that ip address are ok.
is there anything which i have to do to make thsi active synch to work?
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hyper-v or vmware?

is your phone the only one with an issue? remove the account on the phone and then add it back in.

Active sync can also be finicky if the server ID's change. sometimes, when you to a P2V, the MAC address can change, which can jack up ARP tables. go into your VM properties and see if the MAC on the NIC matches the old server (you can set it to whatever MAC you like by setting a static MAC address). Flush your ARP cache on your firewall, to make sure NAT is up to date.

If you're using Hyper-V, the P2V process can change the NIC to a legacy nic, so you'd probably be better off in adding a new network adapter and mimic all your TCP/IP settings on that NIC, and remove the Legacy NIC. MAtch your MAC address as well. Performance will be better this way.


IIS security .
removed account and add it back

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