How to edit robots.txt on a website

My dad wants to hide videos from google and his sitemap and he (and I) are trying to figure out how to edit the robots.txt file.
Harrison WalkerAsked:
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I haven't been using that plugin for a while now, but I don't remember it having that feature - nor does it have an options page for it that I know of.

Since you have ftp access, just use a text editor to make your own robots.txt and here's a good starter for you:

We use that base when setting up new sites, and you can follow the format to add the directories you want blocked. (Just be sure to change the sitemap url at the top to your own or it will throw google off.)

You might want to remove some of the disallows on that one too, such as modlogon, webalizer - any folders you do not have on your site.
Do you have ftp access to your site? That normally how you would edit or add and edit your robots.txt file.
If you don't, you could give this plugin a try:
I've never used it myself and it shows it's not been updated for a long time, but with the basic concept of the plugin I would say that it should still work.
Harrison WalkerAuthor Commented:
I do have access to the ftp and I have searched for robots.txt but I can't find it. From what I've heard, the plugin xml sitemap generator generates a virtual robots.txt file but I don't know how to edit it since it isn't a physical I can't figure out how to edit it.
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