SAN storage processor cache and database performance

We have an (EMC Celerra NS-480)which is not performing very well. So far SSD is not a choice,And we were wondering if we increase the storage processor cache which is defaulted to 4GB will this improve our performance?
Our biggest segment/table size is 8 GB, if we need to increase the SP cache what should be the value we go for?
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
In short - no. You can't increase the cache size.

If you're experiencing performance problems, it's better to fix the root cause. Are you sure that the array is the problem?

Have you measured the number of read and write IOPS the application is generating?
What is the response time on the array?
What is the response time on the host?
What sort of disks are you writing to?
How many disks in the RAID group?
Are the disks for the database alone, or are the disks shared with other apps?
Are you using Fibre Channel or iSCSI?
Is the host on VMware or is it physical.
it-rexAuthor Commented:
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