How can I download a website while "Logged in" with Httrack or SiteSucker

One of the websites I need to scrape requires me to login via a form before it displays prices.  I would like to scrape it with the prices.  How can I do this?

The site is  , I need to login on the upper right "login" link before prices are displayed.

I have a mac and and a PC so I can use sitesucker (which always seems to crash after a while) or httrack.
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selvolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd use Offline explorer from Metaproducts....

Very easy to use and wont crash.......
Let me know if you need some examples on logging in and saving websites.

assuming the logged in session is identified by a cookie, you simply need to configure that cookie your get after login in your crawler tool
RonPaulAuthor Commented:
I bought it pro version, works great! Good recommendation!
Good to hear.Pro version is what I Use....
If you have any questions GOTO there forum on there website.
The programmer Oleg, is the best customer service I have ever seen.
He will go beyond the call of duty and has even written in features just for myself.....
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