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Password Age Notification with VPN Users


I had a quick question. I have a few VPN users that don't get notified when their password is about to expire. These are all remote users too. When they are in the office though they will get notified that their password is about to expire.

Questions is, is there something in the group policy that needs to be tweaked so that they do get notified while on the VPN? or not so much you can do unless they're in the office?

Or do they need to use the dial-in button for this to work?

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The GPO does not apply to remote users bless the VPN connection is established before the login attempt.
You could setup a notification system outside the login that will notify the remote user of the password changes via email. The difficulty is that changing the password would to apply on the system without the VPN being present at the time of logon. And then having the VPN established to get the next logon credentials cached.
you can use something like NetWrix Password Expiration Notifier which is free with thier footer or you can buy to send emails to users upon nearing the expiry date


Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded it and it seems to be a very good tool.

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