Cannot login Windows XP

I am using Windows XP SP3 Professional.

Sometimes, when I start computer, and when the login screen appear, I will input the password for one of the user, and then "Loading user profile" text will appear, for some times, such a text will exist for ever, and the hard disk will not flash, seems that the system is deadlocked. In such a case, I have to press the power key for 4 seconds, and then restart.

How to solve the problems when login is deadlocked?
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maybe best run sfc, or a repair install :                        SFC use in XP            Repair install  XP
Verify that your DNS settings are correct.  If you're on a Domain the "Loading User Profile" screen can take a long time if the machine is unable to locate the Domain.

Verify that the DNS server in primary DNS server is correct in TCP/IP Properties and that the DNS Suffix (Advanced properties) is correct.  If you can get into the machine to the command line (Eventually the communications will time out and you can get access to  the machine.  Can be up to 15 to 20 minutes to reach the desktop when DNS isn't working) you should be able to do an ipconfig /all and verify the above settings.
chcwAuthor Commented:
I set both the IP address and DNS server as "Automatic" since I use a router to visit Internet.

The problem is that sometimes I can login normally, but sometimes cannot.

Normally if I failed to login for a long time, then I will reboot and then the login will be successful.
Tony BarkdullCommented:
It may just be as simple as running chkdsk /r.
Look in the event log for errors.
Rename the profile you are trying to login to
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