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I have App_GlobalResources with Resource.resx  and Resource.zh-HK in my web application.

And I also have WCF project with reference of my web application.

How can I get the Resource.resx information and put into my WCF project?
like the following codes in my wcf cs file.
The "Company Name" should be captured from App_GlobalResource file. Is it possible to do that? If yes, how? Thanks

            table.AddCell("General Information");
            table.AddCell(new Phrase("Company Name:", bodyFont));
            table.AddCell(new Phrase(DataLibs.CompanyName, bodyFont));
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Create a library project which will manage your resouces. Have this dll reference in both and WCF Project .  Hope this helps.
Webboy2008Author Commented:
How? Need sample codes
Hope u have already function to read your resource . Place this method and loading of resource manager in a separate project which of type, library component . Add this dll either to your wcf project or project .  Call the above function with a resource key as parameter. Hope it helps.
Webboy2008Author Commented:
I don't have function to read the resource file. and this is why I need sample codes to help.
Just response if you can show me sample codes in c#. Thanks
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