Powerine ethernet that bad??

i just bought a new home and the second floor bedrooms are not wired for ethernet.
so i decided to purchase netgear powerline av+ 200 ultra adapter kit. they works great in the beginning but lately they have been performing poorly. i get multiple time outs when pinging the router downstairs. when i download my daily podcast from itunes,  the internet connection just drops and when i stop downloading it comes back up. i seem to get a more stable connection on the wifi than the powerline ethernet. has anyon experiencing this problem before? my home was built in 1994 and the electrical wiring is not that old.

clipboard01.jpg: on the powerline ethernet downloading from itunes podcast
clipboard02.jpg: on the wifi downloading from itunes podcast
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Are the powerline adapters plugged directly into wall outlets?

Have you checked other wall outlets in the same rooms to see if you get the same results?

It's possible for noise filters on outlet strips to affect the entire circuit they're on, so if you have power strips with noise filters in them plugged into the same circuit as the network adapter, try unplugging those temporarily and see if your powerline networking improves.

According  to the NEC, you can have as many as 9 duplex outlets on a single 15amp breaker, so just because an outlet is in a different room doesn't mean it's not on the same circuit... if the contractor that wired the house originally didn't leave an 'as wired' print (and few do), there is no easy way to determine which outlets are on which breakers. In that case the easiest way is with a couple dozen outlet sockets with 7.5W bulbs in them, then turn off and on the breakers one-at-a-time, noting which lights turn off and on, to document the outlet locations for each circuit.

Note the powerline adapters don't *need* to be on the same circuit to work... they usually *do* need to be on the same pole of the typical residential 120/240 split-phase system, though.
Craig BeckCommented:
Have you tried turning them off and on again?

I have a pair of TP-Link TL-PA211 units and sometimes they slow to a stand-still, or disconnect completely.  Turning them off and on seems to fix it.

Netgear have a config utility for your plugs I'm sure.  That should show you their link status so you can see if it's a poor link between the plugs.  If not, it could be a bad network cable or dodgy hub/switch, but at least it will give you a place to start.

Darr is right too, if you have extension leads with noise filters or surge protectors they can affect powerline adapters, so you might want to try and eliminate those.
cadnycAuthor Commented:
i have the powerline adapter plugged straight into the wall and not into a surge protector.
i will try another location to see if maybe the electrical in my room a bad circuit.
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