Logitech C910 Not Install

I have a Logitech C910.  It runs beautifully on my old laptop running Vista 32 bit.  I want to run it on my desktop computer running windows 7 64 Bit.  I spent about 6 hour and sifted through forums, web pages and tried all kinds of supposed "fixes".… cannot get the Logitech software to install.

My question here is: Besides Skype or the IM software, are there any alternative software packages that will actually install this cam and get it working?

Mark VolzAsked:
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Checkout SplitCam.  Its free, works with Skype, and has everything the Logitech software did (maybe more) http://free-webcam-software.com/
Hi Mark

You said: "...cannot get the Logitech software to install" and "are there any alternative software packages that will actually install this cam and get it working?"

From what you have said and are asking, it's not clear whether the software installer actually failed with an error, or whether it installed successfully but that the Webcam simply will not interface with the Logitech software.

Does the webcam show as installed and working properly in Device Manager?
In Windows 7:  Start button > Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager.

Generally for USB devices of this type all you should need to install is the USB Device Driver.  The other software on the CD usually is not necessary for you to use the webcam with software like Skype or other supported Instant Messaging clients.  The software that comes with webcams usually consists of the tools to capture, organise, and save content from the webcam, however it may also have diagnostic tools.

So it would be important to know whether the setup package is actually failing and the device shows with a warning symbol in Device Manager, or whether the setup completes and the device shows in Device Manager but Skype just won't find it.
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
1 The device manager does not find it... does not install at all.

2 Skype crashes every time it detects it (example. try to use cam to take snapshot for the Skype profile pic)

I've seen way too many complaints and issues about Logitech's C910 not installing to Win7 64 Bit and not working correct.

This mourning when I woke up, I decided to give up and put it back on my Vista 32 Bit Laptop and try the C615 that is on another desktop computer running Vista 32 Bit.

Thanks for trying to help though -- makes me reconsider about buying the Logitech C920.  Got any suggestions for a good non Logitech cam?
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
According to the Microsoft HCL, the C910 needs no additional software and is automatically detected: http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Details.aspx?type=Hardware&p=Logitech%20HD%20Pro%20C910%20Webcam&v=Logitech&uid=960-000597&l=en-US&pf=0&pi=2&c=Cameras%20%26%20Photo&sc=Webcams&os=64-bit
Uninstall the Logitech software, do a system restore to before you started fussing with it (choose one which is labeled Windows Update), reboot with the webcam disconnected, and then plug it in.
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
I just tried the C615... same deal... at least with the Logitech software.  At least the camera itself works with Skype thus far.  But I don't seem to be able to control the cam or rather all the capability features.    

So I am asking again; is there some kind of alternative software that will give me at least, some better control over the cam?
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I was posting about the C615 while you posted a little about the C910.  So, I have the C615 attached and it shows in device manager.

Like I said though, it works in Skype, but I need some kind of better cam control software... is it video editing software that I am looking for or something else?  See what I would like to do is have a video call with someone else but have a different background so I do not have to worry about cleaning up the room that I am in.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
See if the C910 works just plugging it in first.
You are trying to install the latest version from Logitech? http://www.logitech.com/en-us/support/webcams/hd-pro-webcam-c910?section=downloads&bit=&osid=14
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
Using one at a time (one or the other attached) I got the C910 and C615 working with Skype ...and both show in the Device Manager.

However, the Logitech software will not install for either cam (tried the disk and current download versions as you suggested).

 I need some kind of better cam control software.  I did find <http://www.manycam.com/> which kind of what I want.  I say kind of because the Manycam Background feature needs the C615/910 Autofocus turned off in order to work correctly.  

So I need a similar software package that can deal with the auto focus of the Logitech cams... if not possible then I guess there is no choice but to buy a manual focus cam.
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for hanging in there with me until a solution was reached.
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