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Publish InfoPath in SharePoint 2007

Hello Eeveryone  :)

Ok.. what did i do wrong... I have created an infoPath form..
I was able to publish it to a sharepoint site...


When i go to the Form Library...
It does not list the entries on the list...

Now the forms are being saved in sharepoint.. as I can see them in


I'm not at work right now....
But was thinking.. do i need to publish it as Site Content Type vs Document Library?

OR did i miss something along the way?
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1 Solution
"entries in the list"
Do you mean forms that have previously been filled out using the infopath template?

What do you have as your submit options? Should be able to see this in infopath under "manage data connections"
It should show you what happens when the form is submitted e.g. which library/folder it is saved to... assuming you have a data connection that submits to a sharepoint form library?
Friggin_LazyAuthor Commented:
Yes forms that have been filled out are not showing on the view...
Say Name column does not have the name.. etc..

I have two submit data connections... email and the one for sharepoint..
I get no errors.. the email does send.. with the form as an attachment..
And the sharepoint does save it to the form library...

I see the forms in: .../sites/site/LibraryName/Forms/webfldr.aspx
And webfldr.aspx is where you want to see the forms?
The default is allitems.apsx

If you have specified (data connections) to submit the form to webfldr.aspx then this is why you will see nothing in the libraries default page other than "add new item"

"name etc" are these form fields that you want displayed as columns when a form is submitted? If so then this is done via the infopath publish wizard (not quick publish) where you "promote" fields out as library columns.
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Friggin_LazyAuthor Commented:
I want to see the forms in allitems.apsx

the webfldr.aspx... I think is just the inner workings of SharePoint of where it is placing it automatically... because there i found the template for the InfoPath form too.. they dont show in any view..

At first i was thinking that they were not going to sharepoint at all..
However, when i submitted one... i paid attent to the small dialog box.. as it transfer the data
.. and was able to determine that they are going to sharepoint..

the dataconnection.. is addressed to go to:

Friggin_LazyAuthor Commented:
Hmmm.. maybe i need to change the path to reflect only the library name:


I'm not sure if i set it up that way at first... or applied it as: /sites/site/LibraryName/Forms

Your data connection should point to libraryname (not forms on the end).
That way your submitted forms should appear in the same page as the "add new document" link
I think you are referring to the promoted properties, where the data from the form shows in columns in the library.

2 possibilities, your Share Point view may have changed, the columns and data are there but not showing up.

Or you are not publishing the column values.  In the publish wizard there is a section where you can select which fields to promote.

Hope that helps.
I suggested that earlier but I think we are talking about the target folder on submission, I think he has mistakenly included "forms" in his target URL
Friggin_LazyAuthor Commented:

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