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MS Outlook - Hotmail Connector

feesu asked
Hi Experts,
I have installed MS Outlook-Hotmail connector. And it is working fine for me.
My problems is that I have created nested custom folders/sub folders, that do not  show on hotmail when it is accessed via the browser. They only show on Outlook, and I am concerned of losing them if I format my PC.
What do you think?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014

I think you will lose them.  I do not think that Outlook will 'sync' old emails back to Hotmail for you.  In that case they do not exist in the folders on the Hotmail server.


Is Outlook that naive? Do they expect users of Hotmail Connector to have their PCs/Laptops forever? That doesn’t make sense, everyone needs to make use of Outlook’s additional functions and tools, and not lose these changes every time they change their PCs.

Isn’t there a workaround? Can’t I download those files as PSD or something, so that I move it along to the new PC, then synchronize it with Hotmail later?
I found out that all nested folders are there on hotmail as well. IMAPI creates the same on the source inbox so no issues.


Because after all this time no one was able to provide the correct answer. I checked with Microsoft itself and I got the answer which I posted.

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