java war file issues - HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

I build java war file using jdk 1.5 & Tomcat 6.0 in windows through IBM's RSA, it worked fine there but when i deployed to UNIX server with jdk 1.3 and OC4J (Oracle Container 4 Java) and Apache and tried to access it through web application, it gives me http 500 internal server error any idea what can be wrong..
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mccarlConnect With a Mentor IT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
"http 500 internal server error" usually means that an exception has been thrown by your code. Have a look in the logs to get the details of the exception being thrown.

"what can be wrong"... Well many things can be wrong, as you have changed almost all of the runtime environment (JRE, AppServer, OS).

Other than the above, what you have written is not enough information to help much further.
krishna kishore mellacheruvu venkataCommented:
Can you pase the error to assist you better.
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