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Exchange 2010 VM Hyper-V

I have 2 VMs CAS/HUB and 2 VMs Mailbox Server with DAG and the enviroment Hyper-V has high availability with 3 hosts to host these VMs. The Exchange Server 2010 is with SP2 and these 4 VMs are configured with "Save State" in Action when physical Server stops. This configuration is supported for Exchange 2010 SP2 on VM? What option should be configured to the mailbox server with DAG and to cas/hub server too?
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I can say running 1 CAS/HUB and 1 MB server as VM's on two hosts, but yes, hyper-v will support your configuration. Follow your best practices as you would if you were configuring physical servers, with memory and hard drive space. used fixed size virtual disks for storage. separate logs from the mailbox databases on separate virtual disks.

I prefer to use "Shut Down Guest O/S". Considering Exchange is so heavily integrated with AD, "saving state" kind of stops time for the machine. When you turn it back on, it has to worry about time when re-syncing with AD. It could definitely create issues during that synchronization process. (one of the reasons they discourage snapshots with Domain Controller VM's)

To use Shut Down Guest O/S, you only need to install the integration components into the VM.
VM settingsBy default the VM settings is Hyper-V is. You another two options.
For mailbox, you just create a DAG group which contains the mailbox servr from 2 physical server. If one of hyper-v server failed, the mailbox server will failover to another server on second hyper-v. Same concepts apply for CAS/HUB.

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