Canon IR4570 Can not setup 'Scan to Folder"... news at 11

Et al,

We are installing an ir4570 into a new office/Windows 7 environment and we are having problems getting the 'Scan to File/Folder' to work.  When we attempt to create an Address Book option for an SMB object, we get no action from pressing the SCAN button and there is not opportunity to 'drill down' the Shared Folder tree - There is nothing that happens when we select 'SEND'.  

When we attempt to set up an Address object via the Web Remote Interface, the only option that we get from drop down is 'FAX'.

It looks like Scan to File is not enable or something is not right.

Any ideas or suggestions?
Any 'best practices' anyone would like to share?

RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAsked:
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
It looks like you need the sharescan software or this:
Universal Send Kit-B1 9594A002AA
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
I would contact whoever provides service for this print for you. Things like that are licensed options, and it sounds like you do not have the option. Many times, it is something similar to the memory card for a cell phone that plugs into the printer.
RojoshoRTCC-III Level-2 SupportAuthor Commented:
Et al,

Sorry for the delay.  

As it turns out DavisMcCarn was on the mark.  Without the Universal Send Kit (Which can be id'ed if you see the 'SEND' tab on the main panel) the ir4570 is reduced to a TWAIN scanning device (Which can be ID'ed by the tab 'SCAN' on the main panel screen).  

After some considerable research, it appears that with the TWAIN environment you need three components for remote scanning to work:
  1. The Canon ScanGear v2.1 Driver (Which you have to go to the Canon European support site to find it)

  2. A TWAIN application (i.e. Scan2PDF, and Kapture)

  3. The ir4570 placed into 'Online' mode (NOTE: That while the ir4570 is in the Online mode, no other operations can be done.... i.e. Faxing, coping or printing)

With these three components, you can now scan from your PC and then save it to a folder.

The 'gotcha' for me was that I saw the 'SCAN' tab and thought the ir4570 had the Universal Kit, which it did not - You need to see 'SEND'.   A lesson learned.

I have awarded points and am closing this case.
Successful hunting,

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