Outlook 2007downloading all new AND old emails from pop3 account. Only want NEW!!

I have two email accounts that download to Outlook.  One is gmail, and that is working fine.  My other one is a business account, managed by bluehost, and it recently started downloading all my emails.  Not just new.  So emails that I have already read and left in inbox, or filed them, or deleted them.  They are all coming back.  I need to stop this madness.  For the time being, I had to manually stop all incoming emails for this account.  I have checked all my settings, restarted computer, looked for updates, and anything else I could check on Outlook.

This also happened a couple years ago, and I think the Outlook tech support had me move all my files to a new folder, then clear my profile and open a new one, but I was hoping there was a simple setting to fix or update.  I don't want to take the chance of starting anything over.  Please help!  

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ServingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I know that when that happens it can be a real pain.
I can see three options here: -
1 - Logon to bluehost webmail interface via a web browser (if they have one) and delete all unwanted mail from a certain date, when you next open outlook it will only download what you have not deleted.
2 - Let Outlook download all the email again. Sort your inbox by date and delete all the "old" email. (highlighting them and pressing the shift key and the delete key together will delete them permanently without sending them to the recycle bin).

The above options will only work if you have a "clean" inbox (ie - no old messages there).
3 - If you do happen to have some mail in your inbox then what I would do is open Outlook (keeping it offline so that you dont download any mail) and mark all email in the inbox as read, then download all the email again and filter by unread messages. Select all email older than a certain date (you dont want to delete the email that you received in the last few days if you havent read it) and do a shift delete.

Hope this helps.
Cherukuri30Service EngineerCommented:
This is not the outlook problem

Reason 1:

When your hostin company upgrades the mailserver or move the mail server into another then all your existing emails will be downloaded again

Reason 2:

When you configure the email account in the new machine or format the exisiting machine and configure the outlook then all the emails will be downloaded again


Delete all the downloaded emails from your webmail inbox if you dont need them, Or create a folder in the webmail and move all the emails which you have already downloaded into your outlook.
ohmetwAuthor Commented:
I went with option #3, as I have tons of emails in my inbox.  It was a shaky task to complete, but I did it, and all is well again.  Thank you!!!!
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