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New router

Tony Leather
Tony Leather asked
We have just purchased a Draytek Vigor 2830n ADSL router to run on a Windows 2003 server with Exchange 2003

I have a couple of questions as I am keen to try and avoid making too many changes to our existing settings:

It would be helpful if the router IP Address can be set as which is effectively the default gateway. This means that the server can then keep the static IP of

Can I change the default settings on the router to mirror the above settings?

Should DHCP be disabled as the DNS protocol will be the same as the Default Gateway for Exchange to work.

Can I set the static IP for the Internet as

I hope the above makes sense. Thank you
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I don't know that particular router, but in general, it is quite reasonable to have the new router use the same LAN IP address as the old router.  You should be able to do that with any respectable router.  The same goes for the WAN (Internet) IP address.

DHCP should be disabled if it is being done elsewhere, such as on the Server 2003 box.  In any case, it is generally wise to have DHCP services somewhere on the LAN.  I prefer to do it the Windows Server, but others prefer it on the router.

My DHCP comment is independent of where DNS is found.  If you are on an Active Directory network (usually preferred on Windows Server), DNS should be on the server and DHCP should point to there.

Your comment of "... as the DNS protocol will be the same as the Default Gateway for Exchange to work" does not sound correct to me.  If you are saying that the computers need to have the IP address of the router as their primary DNS to allow Exchange to work, then I believe there is some other problem.  With DNS properly configured on the Server 2003 box and all computers pointing to it for DNS, they should all be able to find the Exchange Server properly through DNS.

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