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Newly Created GAL in Exchange 2010 not showing in Outlook 2010 clients

jacksch4820 asked
Newly Created GAL in Exchange 2010 not showing in Outlook 2010 clients

I created a new GAL with power shell

New-GlobalAddressList -Name "my gal name" -IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers -ConditionalCompany Contoso

GAL shows up in EMC but not on client I also followed doc below


Any advice
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Do you have a single exchange 2010 server or separate roles, if you could please clarify your setup for us?

Is this happening to all clients or just few of them?

Have you checked whether the GAL has updated in Online mode (simply access OWA to check)?

Have you gone through the event logs to see if there is any pointers?

Please advise.



Single Exchange server all roles on same box.(no migration was a clean install)
Happening to all clients.
Checked in online mode not update (via OWA and disable cache mode)
Check all event logs no error or hints.

So if I understand correctly, in online mode itself it is not updating.

Can we do this please (Apply the newly created address list to the users):

Link: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996375

Also this new GAL is part of Default OAB, right? If not please check.



Yes in online mode also not updating.
I did apply newly created address list to users.
When I create address list it show but not the new global address list.
GAL is also part of default OAB
I am assuming you tried restarting MS Exchange services just in case. Now what about the OAB being  assigned to the Mailbox Database? you can find it in Client Settings tab, please check and advise? If it is not then please add it.



Yip i restarted server and OAB is assigned to mailbox DB.
Can we run ExBPA health and connectivity check please and can you please post any kind of warnings etc?

Any suspicious event logs on Global Catalog  server?


I was running Exchange BPA no error and in event log no errors.
This will also help me when I can remove external contacts from GAL and have them only visibly in custom address list can this be done.
This need to be done for 10 000 external contacts.

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