PHP, SOAP and communicating with a 3rd party server


I'm revisiting a project that reared it's head a couple of years ago but never really progressed. I now have to communicate with a associate business to send requests and receive resulting data to display (products, costs, availability etc.) The 3rd party insists that all requests (and responses) must be in SOAP envelopes.

I've dabbled with CURL and XMLHTTPRequest for comms in the past (not too successfully!) but have little understanding of SOAP despite trawling the web for tutorials for real beginners.

Can anyone point me at some SOAP 101 type resources and tutorials that may guide me through setting up a new soap client to talk with another server and data source?

Can I use SOAP to handle the whole communication process or do I need to invoke XMLHTPRequest / JavaScript etc. to handle the comms?

Would appreciate any advice / lead / feedback as I think I've buried myself so far into these woods that I can't see the trees anymore!!

My site is hosted on an Apache server running PHP and SOAP - so all components seem to be available to me. I have some knowledge of XML and the rudiments of web services.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Rose BabuConnect With a Mentor Senior Team ManagerCommented:
Ray PaseurCommented:
Is there any chance that the web service can expose a RESTful API?  The WWW is littered with the rotting carcasses of failed SOAP implementations, but I have never seen a REST service that anyone could not understand immediately.  That is why Yahoo, Google, Facebook and others have abandoned SOAP in favor of REST.  REST is just common sense.  SOAP is a complicated and opaque struggle.
GaryKevinBanksAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the response Ray - but it HAS to be SOAP I'm afraid.

Thank you too srosebabu - I'll take a look at those examples, give it all a go and get back to you.
Possibly of interest: to remote services
GaryKevinBanksAuthor Commented:
Thanks arober11 - will take a look. Sorry for the delayed response - I've been out of circulation for a few weeks.
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