Sharepoint 2007 workflow question

hi, I have several workflows that work fine, when run manually.

but just show "starting" or stopped when run "at a change or when created"

the work flow looks at a column that has generated a text field from concaternating other columns forming the documnet name.  then sets the NAME field to this value.
i pipe the value in to a variable first. then call that for the NAME file.

works when run manually  but no other time.

reason needed, values in the columns may change and the document NAME needs updating.
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nsyyoungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Stopped" may indicate a permissions problem, if you're testing it fine and someone else can't get it to run.  You could try stopping and starting the timer service in  a slow moment, although if other wfs are working fine, that may not have any effect.

"Starting" is infuriating.  What worked for me is removing the fire on new item option and leaving it at fire on change.  I've also added very short pauses, like a minute or two, if the wf is dependent on something else that may or may not be updated or even created yet.

mhamerAuthor Commented:
pause worked thanks
Glad I could help.
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