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Giving access to one server on and ESX box

wannabecraig asked
I'm running ESX 3.5 and would like to give a user access to the console, but only for certain machines so he can reboot etc, is there any way I can just give him access to a specific machine via vShpere or vCentre?
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VMware and Virtualization Consultant
Expert of the Year 2017
Yes, it's easier to do this with vCenter Server.

Drop the Virtual Machine into a Folder, and Grant Permission for him ONLY to this Folder.

(Folder View is Available from Inventory > Folders VMs and Templates.)

Also create a Specific Role, for this User, Add the User into the Role, Add the Role to Permissions for the Object (Folder)
piyushranusriSystem Cloud Specialist
Top Expert 2012

create one folder then move the machine is folder
that you want to give the permisssion.
then provide the access of folder,

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