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Blackberry Enterprise Server Express account setup on SBS2003

UncleVirus asked

We have a user who need his owa mail and calendar on his Blackberry and as the mobile providers blackberry service is for mail only we have no choice other to install BESE on the SBS2003 server.

I have installed the software and can access the web-based control panel etc, however I found some video's online to help with the setup and I think I may have done something wrong and i am not sure if i need to go back through the setup again.

The video states that when installing on an SBS server you should create an account called "besadmin" configure that account with the settings provided and THEN logon to that account on the server and install the BES-E software.  I have not done this, I have configured it on the main admin account.  

What I would like to know is will this work or do i need to uninstall the BESE software and re-do it on a besadmin account?

Thank you so much for any assistance on this.
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It is best you follow the steps here in this URL


More tutorials are available here:

You can try to work on the prerequisites without uninstalling BESE, but if the server does not work, you will probably need to re-do the installation.


Those are the video's that I found online.  I am in two minds really as to if I should re-install or not.  I guess the correct procedure would be the way forward...
In my experience, if you don't follow the procedure to install BES or BESX correctly, you will have problems.  Sometimes very subtle awkward problems, but ultimately it will break functionality.  You have to install it under the BES User to get it work correctly.

Sending problems, syncing problems, even problems provisioning the devices.  If you ever require RIM support they will most likely expect you to have installed the product following their guidelines.

The issue is BES works with Active Directory and expects the user to be a mail enabled Domain User, not a domain admin, but with certain exchange rights.  Naturally it will require local admin rights to be able to logon and install BES/BESX.

Uninstall any BES Software you have installed, login with your BES User Account and reattempt your installation.

As mentioned the BES user has certain rights, I would also advise you double check all your prerequisites before starting the setup procedure again.



OK thank you i shall uninstall/reinstall and give it another shot!

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