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Short cut menu in Access 2007 application migrated from Access 2003

Hattl asked
Hello together,

I have a problem with an Access 2007 application. Some time ago the application were migrated from Access 2003 to Access 2007.

All works well, but I have following problem:

On some forms there are several shortcut menus. By click on  a item of the short cut menu, specific vba code is executed. The code is executed, but I can't find it. (and I want (have to) have a look at the code.

If I look in the properties of the form, I can found in tab "Others" at "Short Cut Menu Bar" then name of the menu bar: "MyCustomMenuBar", but if I search for it in the vba project I cannot find any peace of the code which is executed.

I can rember that I have seen that code in Access 2003. But unfortunately I have no computer with 2003 installed.

Please can you help me? Thanks a lot in advance and best regards

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In the immediate window try this (all on one line)

for each ctrl in commandbars("MyCustomMenubar").controls : debug.print ctrl.caption, ctrl.Onaction : next

That should give you a list of the menu items and the functions which are being called when each item is clicked.


Hi fyed,

thank you very much for your help! That works for me.

Best regards


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