Short cut menu in Access 2007 application migrated from Access 2003

Hello together,

I have a problem with an Access 2007 application. Some time ago the application were migrated from Access 2003 to Access 2007.

All works well, but I have following problem:

On some forms there are several shortcut menus. By click on  a item of the short cut menu, specific vba code is executed. The code is executed, but I can't find it. (and I want (have to) have a look at the code.

If I look in the properties of the form, I can found in tab "Others" at "Short Cut Menu Bar" then name of the menu bar: "MyCustomMenuBar", but if I search for it in the vba project I cannot find any peace of the code which is executed.

I can rember that I have seen that code in Access 2003. But unfortunately I have no computer with 2003 installed.

Please can you help me? Thanks a lot in advance and best regards

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Dale FyeCommented:
In the immediate window try this (all on one line)

for each ctrl in commandbars("MyCustomMenubar").controls : debug.print ctrl.caption, ctrl.Onaction : next

That should give you a list of the menu items and the functions which are being called when each item is clicked.
HattlAuthor Commented:
Hi fyed,

thank you very much for your help! That works for me.

Best regards

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