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server 2008r2 terminalserver /citrix group policy

does anyone know which setting in group policy controls the users ability to add shortcuts in windows explorer in the favourites section. ive included a screenshot just to make it clear where i mean
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There is no Group Policy to disable or turn off Favorites and Libraries feature in Explorer.

You have to modify the registry key to hide them.

1. For Favorites, the key is:

 Changing a0900100 to a9400100 will hide Favorites from Navigation Pane.

2. For Libraries, the key is:

Changing b080010d to b090010d will hide Libraries from Navigation Pane.


Note: You need to take ownership the ShellFolder before changing the value of Attributes.


the problem i have is the opposite i have them visible but upon trying to drag and drop favourites the mouse cursor changes to a no entry sign (not allowed etc)?

Ahh, I see now. I dont believe that drag and drop functionality exists. If you want to edit the 'Favorites' in WIndows Explorer, you need to place the shortcut in your userprofile 'Links' Folder:

Shortcuts in this folder will appear under 'Favorities' in Windows Explorer.


says access is denied here also, is this because the the c drive is hidden from users and these areas are located on the c drive

Access denied when trying to open it, or access denied when trying to put something in the the folder?

If denied when trying to open it, it could be due to the hidden properties, among other NTFS settings.

If denied when trying to add shortcuts, it could be due to just insufficent permissions - Depending on how you have locked down your Terminal Server.


both it causes an error for

I would suggest testing with a signle user, adjust the permissions of the 'Links' folder, giving them just enough write to accomplish placing files (Read / Write).

A second question, are you using roaming profiles? Or are they stricly local to the server?

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