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Magento or OpenCart or ??

chris08 asked

I am currently considering taking on a client who needs an ecommerce solution built for his online furniture sales business. He has over 4,000 products and would like the following features:
Discount Vouchers / coupons
ability to filter products by various attributes, such as price, style, colour, etc
custom freight module
wish list
datafeed for google cart
maximised SEO (who doesn't?)
warious discount options
related products
high-end search with search suggestions, product match selection list as user types, etc
and various other features
Unique, stylish design
various other requests

I am writing up the Requirement Specification and want to outsource the front-end and back-end development part of the project. I am considering OpenCart or Magento based on my initial research...
Can anyone give me a fairly detailed comparison of these or other recommendations for other ecommerce platforms with reasoning to aid me in my decision for this case scenario?
Items such as available off-the-shelf features, ease of development/cost of development,server requirements,forward compatibility/upgrade options, initial cost, speed of operation, and so forth will help me make up my mind.

Many Thanks...
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Have a look at X-Cart ...

It does everything you've specified for the exception of the product filtering which you can achieve using this module - http://www.cartworks.com/store/x-cart-mods/navigation/power-filter/

It's not as resource hungry as Magento either.
Number of products wont be an issue either, we have an x-cart site that is handling over 50k products.

Hope this helps.


thanks chamberinternet; do you have justification why you would recommend X-Cart over Magento and Open Cart for this particular project brief?

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