Error to variable in SSIS

I have an SSIS package that runs a data flow task. I am trying to send out and email and write to a progress log if the task succeeds or fails.

If the data flow task fails how can I insert the failure reason into the a variable for later use in an email / sql statement?

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lcohanConnect With a Mentor Database AnalystCommented:
Please see SSIS logging and as far as emailing the error I believe you can use BEGIN/TRY/CATCH to see if there's some error and send an email if there is from the t-sql SSIS task. otherwise you can log it into a SQL table and put a trigger on that table to send an email if some error encountered - like an insert trigger where the message contains the error.
nishant joshiConnect With a Mentor Technology Development ConsultantCommented:
first create new global variable of package which whould be blank and create one local variable in error handlert.if error raise then on expression concate the variable strings...
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