I would like to make use of Exmerge to archive email older than a certain date but do not want tasks or calendar events to be touched. Is this at all possible with Excmerge if it were to run on a SBS 2011 server running Exchange 2010?

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GusGallowsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah, exmerge will not work in Exchange 2010. To export mail, you would use a cmdlet like the following:

First, ensure you have rights:
New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "Mailbox Import Export" -User <username>


New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "Mailbox Import Export" -Group <groupname>

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Then export to a PST:
New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox <mailboxnameAlias>  -ExcludeFolders "#calendar#","#tasks#" -FilePath "c:\archive\mailbox.pst" -contentFilter {(Received -gt "7/16/2012")}

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The problem is, the -deletecontent option is gone. You have to use Search-Mailbox to delete the messages you archived, but I am not sure of the best way to use that.
ExMerge.exe can ONLY be run against Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000, and Exchange 2003.

Exchange 2010 has built-in cmd-lets to export and import.
QGSmithAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I still would like to know what will happen to calendar events and tasks as I am not sure if Ex-merge will export those too. The reason for my asking:

If a user created a future and even recurring calendar event in 2010. How will ex-merge handle the event. Will it ignore the event or export and remove the event? The same question applies to tasks.??
Manpreet SIngh KhatraConnect With a Mentor Solutions Architect, Project LeadCommented:
QGSmith: As per the command given it will exlude the 2 folders only "Calendar and Tasks". As per the command its going to exclude all and it doesnt sync anything just will export data from the mailbox on the time you run .... thats it

- Rancy
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