Localhost homepage requires login??

All of a sudden, my vb.net project on localhost is requiring a login...only on the homepage (index.aspx). All internal pages load fine. I tried a reboot, an IIS restart, and reverting the homepage code to an old version. The security access on the web root and homepage file are set for full access and anonymous enabled. I haven't touched IIS settings in a year, so unless our net admin did something, nothing has changed there. The login box appears immediately, before any content. I've gotten a login box before, but it was caused by an image and that would always load the content before the image. Any advice?
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MPJHornerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried reseting your IE settings?

Add 'everybody' to the local administrators group temporarily to rule out it being permission based locally.
Some content of the site may require a password?

Alternatively are you logged in local or in a domain(ahve you changed user?)

Also have your permissions changed?
nzinsliAuthor Commented:
I'm logged into our local network, nothing has changed there. No content on the homepage, or anywhere else requires a login. No permissions have changed and as I noted, in IIS it shows I have full access for the folder and the file. We recently had our network firewall software replaced, so that could possibly be it, but it was working the previous day...so I don't expect that's the issue. This is happening in IE and FF as well.
nzinsliAuthor Commented:
That did it, thank you!
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