Crystal Server Parameter Selection

Does anybody know the process Business Objects goes through when you select different parameters for scheduled instances?  For example:

I have a one report for which I am creating 17 instances, one for each division.  The division is set up as a static parameter in the report.  When I click 'edit' to select the parameter under the schedule option it takes about 50 seconds to change to the drop down where I can choose my parameter.  Once I choose the parameter and then click 'OK' it takes about the same time to change save it so I can click 'Schedule'.

The SQL query that supplies the report takes about the same amount of time to run so I almost feel like the report is being generated each time I schedule a new instance.


I can choose parameters for other reports with no problems so I have isolated it to this particular report.

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Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
You're sure it's a static parameter, not dynamic?  The slow behavior of the parameter populating is consistent with dynamic parameters that have to be queried first.

Also, because your report is based on a SQL Command, were the parameters built inside the command or outside of it in Crystal.  If they were built outside of it, that would explain the problem, because the command would have be fully executed before the parameters become available.  The correct way to use parameters with commands is to create them inside the SQL so they're passed to the database for processing.
lcallah93Author Commented:
The SQL Command from which the report is written I did not create.  I will take a look in more detail at a later date to see if rhinok's solution does the trick.  For now, I just waited the minute for each instance.  Everything is running as scheduled so it was just the actual parameter selection that was the issue.
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