windows xp no internet connection

I have a pc with windows xp pro. I can ping any website and connect with other computers in network. But i can´t access to internet from any browser, ie, chrome, firefox.
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Either your firewall is blocking Port 80 traffic hence why you cant see the sites but you can ping them...

Or your internet browsers have malicous software annoying them.

use the rest function on Internet Explorer see if you get any luck?

Also can you browse to your routers homepage without any problems? (this will check port 80 traffic on your windows settings)

Check port 80 is ok on the router for ex/intr traffic is ok.

Failing all this try a different network card it may not like the MAC on your network (dont know why but i have had this before..)

Hope this helps :)
is the gateway address correct in the IP settings?
Go to Start, Run, and type cmd and hit enter. Type

ipconfig /all

Press enter. Copy and paste results in a reply.
rflorencioAuthor Commented:
Was garbage of a older antivirus. With a removal tool the problem was solved.
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