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Iphone email not synching with Outlook

zjb100 asked
I have several Iphones and Droids on the network that receive and send email with no problems. The issue I am having is when I move an email to a folder from the Outlook client on my pc, it does not update on the phones. I am having the same issue with deleted emails. Again, emails are sending and receiving without any problems. I appreciate any suggestions guys!
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If you move the email from the inbox to another folder. And you open your email program on the iPhone, Droid phone is that email still in the inbox folder?

Can you open the subfolder on the email program on your phone? Maybe you have to change the syncronization preferences of that folder. I know for sure that on droidphone you need to do it for all your subfolders.
iPhone only automatically updates inbox by default though you can amend the 'push' folder.
Regarding the moves, if you refresh it does it more?

If it doesnt... have you got it setup using exchange or are you connecting via POP/iMAP? these may not update it like ExchangeActiveSync Does...

Also is your SSLCert upto date may be why recent changes are connecting/updating?

Hope this helps :)


I can open the subfolder on the phone, but it does not update. This happens on Iphones and Droids. If I delete an email from Outlook on my workstation, its not deleting it from the phones.


I am using Exchange 2010...we just renewed our cert...you may be on to something MPJ!!
Did you check the Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendar - Accounts - select account - Mail Folders to Push? Check the folders you want to push.

On the iphone: 1. Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> Accounts (choose the email address above Add Account) –> Toggle Mail to “OFF”.
2. Exit Settings
3. Try to access your email. You should get a list of providers. Hit Microsoft Exchange - and you will be told that you already had that account - (don’t know if you need to do that.)
4. Exit mail.
5. Repeat 1. and toggle Mail to “On”. Exit Settings.
6. Try mail again and update. I found that it worked
My Data was on Push throughout this process. Again I don’t know if that matters and I was on wifi
If they dont change folders or delete off both items that because you haven't used activesync?

When you have configured the phones what setting of server did you choose on the iphones/driods.

My guess would be that some you chose activesync (these ones would work) and the others are configured using POP/IMAP (these wouldnt work)

Please check this i think this would be the problem.
David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
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for outlook use imap or exchange and NOT POP3

for the iphone/ipad use imap or OWA

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